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Authorized Rheem Pro Dealer “A New Degree of Comfort”

Even though Culbertson Heating and Cooling will work on any heating and cooling equipment that their clients own, we are an authorized Rheem Pro dealer. With any new system that we install for our customers, we now have a 10 year Labor warranty on all Rheem units (other than mobile home) based on proof of regular upkeep/maintenance of unit each year. That is how much we believe in the Rheem products. Many of our clients are amazed at how energy efficient Rheem equipment is and the amount of money that they will start to save. Let us diagnose any heating and cooling equipment to make sure it is still running properly before you need it most and it fails you.

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Rheem Gas Furnace Vandalia, Illinois

With the ever-changing technology in today’s world, we all want to control everything from the palm of our hands. With the EcoNet app provided by Rheem, clients who have modern furnaces installed will be able to control them from this app on their smartphones or tablets. Another feature provided in the new furnaces is the fuel efficiency that is obtained. New furnaces receive a 98% fuel efficiency, meaning every drop of gas is used the way it is meant to be. Call today to learn how you can save on your heating bill in the winter and learn of all the rebates that a more energy-efficient system can have during the cool frigid months.

Rheem Air Conditioner Vandalia, Illinois

Energy efficiency is one of the most important features that Rheem air conditioners offer. Rheem takes pride in offering these highly efficient units and Culbertson Heating and Cooling has been proud to supply them to the Vandalia, Illinois community. The new air conditioner units are not only more energy-efficient than ever, but also are quiet. Think back to how loud that AC unit outside your home is. Does it wake you up from that afternoon nap because when it kicks on it sounds like an accident waiting to happen? Allow Culbertson Heating and Cooling to install one of these new AC units as preventative maintenance before your current one goes out and it becomes an emergency.

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Rheem Mini Split Vandalia, Illinois

Rheem has come out with technology that puts the weather outside to work for you. A Mini-Split system will work for your home year-round. It will provide your home with an energy-efficient climate. During the summer, this system will pull moisture from the air outside and combine it with refrigerant to create the cool air. Then during the winter, the same system will pull the heat from outside and provide a nice and warm climate for you.

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